Friday, August 23, 2013

A Special Surprise

I've meet a lot of wonderful people online over the past 3 1/2 years of business. I think along the way I wouldn't have made it with out the kindness and encouragement from may of them. I've not had the privilege of meeting many personally but I hope to someday. This summer has been hard with several deaths in the family, the big move and just other struggles.  It's God, the prayers and thoughtfulness of others that have got me through.

One of my online buddies is Martha. She emails me often just to say hi, check on family and life in general. She's prayed a lot for me over the past year and I've felt it. She can always make me smile and always has encouraging words to say at just the right time. She is also one of my wonderful pattern testers.

Martha found me through her love of crochet on Etsy if I remember correctly. I'm sure you might even know Martha because she has a lot of fun with my cape sets and you all often ask if I have patterns from ones she's made in her Etsy shop - Just For Embroidery
(We're working on some of those for you some day :) - so many ideas so little time!)
She also sells some great embroidery designs! Check them out! 

She said she had a surprise for me in the works and I was just giddy because I love surprises but I hadn't a clue. I got a box on the porch and it was full of several things for me and the kiddos!

She one day sent me a message with a few vague questions. I sent her my logo along with answers to those questions so here is what came about :) 

She ordered these awesome bags from her work! They are big, roomy and made well!
She then embroidered them.

This 1st one is my logo! It's perfect and this will be my new yarn bag! If you see this bag in public
It's me! LOL!
It's a one of a kind and I loooove it! 

Look how awesome the detail is! 

My son's favorite color is Red and favorite superhero is Batman! 
He's going to love this little surprise after he gets home from his 1st week of kindergarten. 

Calleigh loves purple and my little pony's Pinky Pie! 

She already has her bag packed with favorites to spend the night at her Gee-Gee's (grandma) 

Martha also had these made for me. 

The Clay hook says footprints. It's from a poem Footprints in the Sand. It's a great poem! 

The little foot marker is awesome and I'll giggle a little every time I use it. 
It will always have special meaning to me. 

Thank you for brightening my day Martha!  
You will always have a special place in my heart! 


BreeAnna said...

Those are AWESOME!!!!!

Posh Pooch Designs said...

These are wonderful and amazing!!!! Love them all,, especially the logo bag!

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