Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Julep Maven - Birthday Gift!

Warning....This post has nothing to do with crochet. I just wanted to take the opportunity to share a new product I love. I bought myself a non-crochet birthday present. My birthday is next week (Aug 14th) just incase you were wondering :)

My friend Rachel of Silly Stitches posted about her nail polish fetish and she had lots of pretty bottles! I saw a brand I didn't recognize called Julep! She had a lot of it LOL! So naturally I asked her about it. I found them on Facebook and saw lots of wonderful reviews and then I got sucked into all the pretties on their website!

They have this fun Nail Polish subscription and Rachel so kindly offered me lots of coupon codes she had! So I got a $19.99 intro maven box for free just had to pay shipping! That gorgeous box came into today! It had two full size nail polish colors that I picked from my maven profile (Classic with a Twist), A full size bottle of foot cream, and surprise a sample of hand scrub.

Subscriptions scare me but you can choose to skip months at anytime with out penalty and you can cancel at anytime. I've hear customer support is hard to get to but once you do they take super awesome care of you! I've ready a lot of great things about it! If you do choose to skip months you don't get to see what's in the secret store! I don't have the privilege of looking at it yet but I've read about mystery boxes with great things in them! I can't wait till I have access! Although if I end up with more polish than yarn I might get into trouble. Haha!

Why become a maven

1. You get three full sized products
2. A little surprise in every box
3. save 20% on everything in there online store
4. plus free shipping on every order

I was excited about my box and decided to order a few add ons and I also placed a separate order for a color I wanted just because well it was a birthday present and they sent me another coupon. LOL!

The group on the right is from my Maven intro box. The group on the left are my add ons.
I fell in love with America! It is glitter polish, red, blue, silver and little starts. I can't wait to get this polish on my nail! Now where is my remover! 

I already have a bunch more stuff on my wish list and I'm excited about my next Maven box! 

 I know someone will ask but Nail polish featured in this post are as follows 
1. Alaina
2. America
3. Dianna
4. Helen
5. Claudette

Okay so do you want to try it and get a free into box too. All you have to do is pay shipping and I think that was $3.99. Great price for all you get! 
Click to the site below and use the coupon code


Tell me what you think! 


Unknown said...

How did you like that handscrub sample? I loved mine and will definitely be ordering a full size of it. I think it would be great for when I am working with more delicate yarns that dry hands will catch on.

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