Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Bunny CAL - Week 4

Bunnies !!! Made by me and the yellow one by my mom! 

 Sorry for the delayed post of the CAL this week. I'm visiting my mom in lovely Colorado. We are enjoying lots of snow and family time! 

This week is just adding the finishing embellishments. Making your bunny one of kind and giving it some personality! 

My son picked out this lovely Green Shade. I finished it up and asked him "what else does your bunny need?" He said, " a Red Bow Tie mom"  - Isn't it cute!! I would have never added a bright red bow tie but I think the colors are fun and bold together! Now maybe he just needs a top hat and a magic wand. 

My daughter simply just wanted a flower added. 

The kids love their bunnies! 

The bunnies are getting lots of hugs and squishy time! 

This was such a fun project and I'm so glad you joined me in this CAL! I learned some new crochet technics and hopefully you did too! 

Facebook is being weird and the group event seems to have disappeared from the group. So hopefully it will come back! Please post your pictures in the group so we can enjoy seeing you cute bunnies! 

If you need the free pattern or more info of the CAL here are some links!
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