Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yarn Shopping Fun

I've not posted totally randomness in a long time but I thought this was to funny not to share. I've really enjoyed visiting with my family here in lovely Colorado the past two weeks. I'll be heading back home on Sunday.

 My mom and I really enjoy yarn shopping together. We has so many ideas!!! 
 I looove her Joann's and we hadn't had a chance to visit it yet. So off we went!! 
We bought lots of yarn but discovered something funny today.

 I"ll let the pictures below tell the story of what happens when you take two yarn addicts shopping!!  

Take a look at the yarn bin and tell me if you see anything funny??

Take a closer look...... 

Yeah that's my son. Mom and I were chatting about yarn and pattern designing and I guess he thought that was a good place to rest for a moment. I totally didn't see him get in and get comfy....LOL! 

nananananana Batman!! 
Batman doesn't enjoy yarn shopping as much as we do..LOL :) 

Happy Thursday! 


Unknown said...

LOL i can relate. My when I tell my 2 year old that we are going to Michael's, I get a "No-no-no-no. No Michael's"

niccupp said...

I can totally see my 3 year old doing that. Or grabbing a loose end on a skein of yarn and take off running through the store. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

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