Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Bunny CAL = Week 3

WEEK 3 - Arms, Legs and Tail

I have a super busy week so I'm going to keep this one short and share some pictures! 

If you notice my purple bunny arms are longer. I guess I missed a few rows on the green bunny arm. Oops!  I noticed when I was working the 2nd one last night. 

If your behind that's okay! If you're just joining in that's okay too! 
If you have an hour you can get this weeks step done. Lots of little pieces but they work up fast. Next week is just accent optional pieces to make it that special one of a kind bunny! So join in the fun and show me the bunnies!! 

Here are my bunnies! They are worked differently! I made my green one with a D hook. I made the Purple one with a F hook and did "only in the Back stitches" method. The purple is bigger and squishier! I love them both and their unique personalities! Just need their finished accents. Saving that for next week! 

Feb 3 - 10: Head & Ears
Feb 11 - 17: Body
Feb 18- 24: Arms Legs & Tail
Feb 25 - 28: Accents- (Flower, Carrot, fabric and/or Felt)

If you need the pattern or more info here are some links!
Spring Bunny CAL
Spring Bunny CAL - Week 1
Spring Bunny CAL- Week 2

Don't forget to share your pics in the group as we go. I can't wait to see your progress and all your creative ideas! If you have questions post in the group and we'll all help! Have fun!! 


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