Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Bunny CAL - Week 2

WEEK 2 -Body

I've been so excited to see such wonderful participation in the CAL! Some have completed their adorable bunnies and they are all so cute! This week is just the body! So if your behind or getting a late start this is a good week to catch up. Below is a picture of one of my bunnies in a cute pistachio green. I think I put his eyes to low but we'll see once I get the piece sewn together. I have another one done in purple too! My kids are already excited to get them. They would be happy with just a "bunny ball" Since that's all I have done! Who is your ami for? 

Feb 3 - 10: Head & Ears
Feb 11 - 17: Body
Feb 18- 24: Arms Legs & Tail
Feb 25 - 28: Accents- (Flower, Carrot, fabric and/or Felt)

I'm trying to find helpful hints as we go and I've mentioned FreshStitches has amazing tips! 
I thought I'd focus on tips for attaching pieces
1. How to fix an incorrectly attached part 
2. How to attach felt to your ami
3. Tips for attaching pieces
4. Tips for attaching limbs

There are a tons more great links on her website but I thought these would help in our project! Do you have any tips to share- Feel free to post links in the comments.

If you need the pattern or more info here are some links!
Spring Bunny CAL
Spring Bunny CAL - Week 1

Don't forget to share your pics in the group as we go. I can't wait to see your progress and all your creative ideas! If you have questions post in the group and we'll all help! Have fun!! 


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