Monday, February 4, 2013

Spring Bunny CAL - Week 1

I'm so excited about how many of you have said you will be doing the crochet along!! So far we have 50+ people going to join it! The more the merrier! For more info on the CAL visit the 1st blog post from this weekend Spring Bunny CAL.

Week 1 - If you haven't already you need to gather your supplies. We are going to start with the head which is the biggest part so if you can get that done the rest will be a breeze! Here is the schedule to help move you along but you don't have to stick to it. If your like me I have this OCD about finishing one project at a time. I'm going to try to spread it out, but I'm also working on making two. One for each of my children. 

Feb 3 - 10: Head & Ears
Feb 11 - 17: Body
Feb 18- 24: Arms Legs & Tail
Feb 25 - 28: Accents- (Flower, Carrot, fabric and/or Felt)

My first advise for ami is on the decrease stitches. I learned a fabulous technic and I love it for ami!! 

Planet June is a fabulous resource for Ami! She has some adorable designs and great videos.  I've emailed with her a few times and she is so nice and helpful! I learned this technic for an invisible decrease. Once you learn it you will never go back! So check it out!! 

2nd. Label your pieces and keep them in a bag together. If you're like me with kids and dogs. Things have a way of disappearing especially small pieces. So I keep my projects in zip lock baggies. If you label your pieces you won't be confused weather it's a arm, leg or tail. If you attach them as we go you'll be fine but it wait to attach all the pieces at once labeling might help. 

You can label them by letter, number or stitch marker, whatever works for you! 

If you want more great tips I have to suggest Freshstitches blog! She has a great Beginners guide to Ami- It's a free download and if you've never done ami you should read through it. You can find it here . 

Don't forget to share your pics in the group as we go. I can't wait to see your progress and all your creative ideas! If you have questions post in the group and we'll all help! Have fun!! 


Unknown said...

Excellent cal for spring!
Have some fun!

mysparetimedesign said...

love this idea and I'm in!

Karie {Girl Going Country} said...

Thanks for sharing the tip on the decreases! Worked like a charm and is a nice smooth transition. One more tip in my bag of tricks! :-)

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