Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tacky Christmas Sweater Project 2012

Ah tis the season of Tacky and Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Okay admit it you have one hiding out in your closet. (mom- I talking to you LOL - I know you do!)  It used to be you could find them easily in thrift stores but some how they became the "it" item around Christmas time for parties and fun! I even saw a news report on how someone turned in into a business. (wow!) They can be kinda expensive just for fun. Did you know that Dec 21st is even National Ugly Sweater Day - Here is the countdown website for it! 

So we have annual Christmas party with my Sunday School Class at church (the newly wed/young married couples) It's always fun to see the crazy ideas people come up with. I was determined to win this year (of course we didn't vote this time...haha) but I would have won for creativity and it definitely got attention.

I had lots of Sparkle I Love This Yarn left over from various projects. I started searching for something quick since I only had a a few days and I've never made an actual garment you sew together like a sweater. I came across the perfect pattern. Now don't get me wrong!! I ruined this awesome sweater pattern and it's on my list to make a pretty one because I actually like it!

Here is the pattern I used: Granny Shrug. It's a free and a fun pattern. It works up fast because you use a Q hook and bulky yarn! Now if you make this I recommend a lighter bulky and loose gauge or this will be a heavy sweater. I did double stranded worsted and Q 15.5 hook. It's worked in two pieces and it's a no brainer pattern once you get it going.

 So are you ready to see this?

Now I didn't really plan out colors. I started with variegated and then used what I had and until I ran out so you'll notice I end on different colors. The variegated in the armpits is funny to me and didn't really think about it when I started.

Here is me modeling it. haha! So My hubby said it was awful and refused to take my picture so my almost 5 year old took some for me and well I have no head haha! 

So I hope I don't offend you if you really like the sweater. It's not all that bad I suppose but you can't see it sparkling with the sparkle yarn and well it's kinda busy! So we'll just call it a tacky sweater. I really am going to make another one. The pattern is great and like I said with the right yarn in a solid and drape it will look better. So what do you think? Honest fun comments below! hehe! 

Merry Christmas! 


Posh Pooch Designs said...

Well, I got rid of them when we moved!! Really!

Brianne said...

I love it for a ugly sweater, thanks for the idea!!!

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