Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge- Dec 2012

As this year comes to a close it's been a very busy year with Dec usually being the craziest. I flies by fast and we forget all the good time we've had. I was browsing Pintrest as I usually do late at night before bed and found this photo-a-day challenge. I thought I should do it and you know what here is is Dec 7th and I totally forgot. So instead of leaving out the first 6 days I took some pictures today for all 7. I hope you'll enjoy a glimpse into my Dec.

Day 1: Your view for today

My Son and Hubby sure to love there lego's so we have a big winter scene going on under the kids mini trees. My son has a lego advent calendar and we keeping adding something fun everyday. 
What fun things do you see? :) 

Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie

I love Christmas Movies. Three I watch every year are Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, and White Christmas (I couldn't find the case so good thing it's available on Netflixs :) and yes I've already watch all three and will probably do it several more times. 

Day 3: Red

I couldn't decide on Red so I choose two because we can't leave out crochet. 
I just made some coffee cozy's and I love the red/white one I came up with ( working up the pattern soon) The Red bag hold's Calleigh's Advent gifts of the day. It's full of squinkies which she has to many of already. She love those mini, squishy toys and it's a lot better to step on a rubber squinky than a lego! 

Day 4: Joyous

My spending time with the kids bring me joy! Today we've had fun of decorating with foam stickers. We made gingerbread men and christmas trees and they love it. 

Day 5: Today's Temperature 

Ah the weather in Oklahoma is well unpredictable. It was almost in the 80's on Monday and it will be in the 30s this weekend. We've had a very hot summer and not so cold winter. I really just want a hard freeze. I'm a norther girl at heart and I really love the snow and the cold. 

Day 6: Shopping

Well I have a closet full of gifts and didn't want to show you in there. It's a little scary...LOL! So I took a picture of where most of those gifts are found.  I love Target! 

Day 7: Bright 

Who doesn't love Christmas lights! I love our snowflake lights! 

So there you have it the 1st 7 days! I'll see if I can be consistent and do this again through the month! 
It's not to late to join in! 


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