Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Neon Yarn Creations

I don't know how I feel about neons being popular in clothing right now! Reminds me to much of my 80's childhood. Haha! I like warmer jewel tones myself. I discovered Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Neons. The colors are vibrant and the yarn itself seems a little bit softer that their regular worsted which is already great. I think I bought one in almost every color. It comes in Yellow, Pink, Orange, Fuschia, Purple, Green and  Blue!

Here are a few fun things I made over my Thanksgiving vacation! 

This hat is a pattern by Speckled Frog Crochet
You can find it here (it's my all time favorite newsboy pattern) 
I used the Green Neon and Black to match my sons winter coat. (He loves Green!) 

This hat pattern is by a local friend of mine Boomer Beanies
I used the Purple! Calleigh's favorite color! She absolutely loved this hat! 
This was my 1st attempt and cables and I was very please with the pattern and the results. I want to make this hat for me. It's just to fun! 

This last hat was my inspired by my hubby! He's in the picture above, which he took himself from his cell phone. (Don't tell him I showed you....hehe!) He never models for me. 

We're big Thunder Basketball fans around here! So he was excited to see these colors! They are perfect! I had a hard time last year trying to find the right ones! So I hope these stick around for a while! My hubby loves slouchy hats right now. I think I've whipped of several and finally sat down and wrote out the pattern for the slouchy. 

You can find it free here in a previous blog post with links to download a pdf if desired

So maybe neons are not for you but maybe step out and try something bright! 
I do love these colors and quality! Give it a try! 

If you don't crochet I'd love to make you anything you see here in any size! Just contact me through the contact me tab and we'll chat! 

What would you make with this yarn? 


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