Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge Dec 2012 - Week 2

Photo a day challenge : Still time to join in. You can find the list here

Want to see week 1? 

Week 2 

8. Ornaments

We have a small home with large furniture and two small kids, a large and mediums size dogs so we don't have room for a big tree. So I have a few small trees instead that are up high away from little fingers. All the special ornaments are packed away for the future possibilities of having a big tree again someday. So Here is a close up the the kids ornaments. My Sons is a John Deer tree - see that Sweet Tea Ornament from Macalisters ( yeah hubby brought that one home the other day) He loves his sweet tea! My Daughters tree has candy and puppy ornaments :) 

9. Something your reading

I was given a large tub full of crafting supplies a few years ago. There was a lot of knitting supplies in there but I don't knit, well not until recently. I am determined to learn more about it. I have some of the basics down. This little book was in there but it's really old and I'm pretty sure and English/UK book. 

10. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper this year is candy themed. Calleigh was pretty excited but wants to know where I'm hiding the presents? :) 

11. Green

My little tree! Hubby bought this shimmering greenery that was for the porch but it kept falling over. I need a planter for it. I just like the sparkles :) It's now taking up space on my kitchen table. 

12. A Beautiful Sight

Okay this one is a little corny but I thought it was funny. I was browsing new stuff on Netflixs and came across the fake fireplace. There is even one with some festive Christmas music that I left on while we made krispy treats on Wed. The Kids loved it! 

13. Family 

Love my babies! They got new jammies for cousin Christmas Pictures. 
We got this great shot of my kiddos! 

14. Christmas Tree 

The kids trees! 

I hope you enjoy a peek into our December! We'll be back with more next week! 


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