Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Featuring: Heather Evans - Scentsy Consultant

I'd like to introduce to you :

Now I'm sure most of you are familiar with Scentsy. 

I have many friends that sell it but I just usually avoid the parties and such for many of the independent consulting companies like (pampered chef, mary kay, avon, jewelry and more) I think I could literally go to some sort of party every week so instead of choosing I just say no....LOL. Not that I don't like them I just feel bad that I can't buy from everyone. 

When Heather asked me to share Scentsy with you I was very excited! I love candles and good smells in my home but with littles around I don't like fire going. I'm afraid I'll leave one lit! 

Heather is super sweet and she sent me a surprise package and this is what I received

Medium size warmer (in my favorite color purple - How'd she know?!?)

and three Scensty bars in great scents of 

Black Raspeberry Vanilla- Delicious
My Dear Watson- Sophisticated and smart
and Camu Camu - Tropical scents 

I really liked them all! 

What I love about Scenty is of course it's a warmer so no need to "light" a candle. The warmer melts your favorite scent nicely. I also like the convince of breaking off a little wax at a time and it lasts a couple days. I have a small home and it fills the every room in the house with it's aroma. So a very small amount and a small warmer go a long ways in my house. 

I'm looking into getting a bigger warmer and plug in for the bath room though! I think Heather has reeled me in! 

So let's find out a little bit about Heather and how she got started selling scentsy: 

Where are you from? 
Sunny Southern California 
Name of your shop/business
I'm an Independent Consultant for Scentsy Wickless Candles

What do you specialize in? 
Scented wax, lightbulb warmers

What made you decide to start your business?
    I actually didn't want to start my own business! With the encouragement of brother-in-law's girlfriend and the support of my friends and family my "just for fun" thing has turned into a real business!

What is your favorite item?
I love the Jane warmer.  One of my customers said it looks like a palace Tinkerbell would live. The plug-in warmers are perfect for the bathroom to keep that fresh clean smell all the time. As for wax there are so many that are my favorite and it changes all the time.  That's the beauty in Scentsy vs a traditional candle; you're not committed to one scent.  You can change it from day to day and blend fragrances to to get a truly custom scent.  

Do you donate or give back any portion of your sales to charity or an organization? 
I have done Scentsy events where my commission from the sales goes back to the organization.  I have raised funds for the American Heart Association and my daughter's pre-school.  Scentsy also chooses a foundation or cause with each new catalog campaign.  Currently its the Ronald McDonald House.  Which the purchase of the Saha Buddy net proceed are donated to Ronald McDonald House across America.  Previous causes have been: Austim Speaks, Brest Cancer Awareness and the Sunshine Kids. A new cause will be launched March 1st. 

You can find Heather on 

Maybe you'd like to sell Scensty too - Just visit her site for more details. Looks like a great deal to sign up this month! 


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