Friday, February 24, 2017

Calleigh's Clips Baby Blanket Mini C2c Graphgan - Square 4 Flower

How are your squares coming? Are you ready for number 4. I love this one because it's a simple flower with little color changes! 
This past week I was able to start filming the video tutorial for those that need assistance learning how to do the mini c2c and working from a graph!  You can find Part 1 on Youtube

Here is a link to the full materials list, other squares and 
project details! 

SQUARE #4 - Flower

Hook : G-HOOK (4.00mm)

Each Square measures around 8x8 inches
Final project measures : Approx 28 x 28 inches

Gauge isn't essential! Whew! LOL! I know you wouldn't make a swatch anyways. haha! 

Colors needed : Hot Rose, Desert Glaze, & Ivory

*Each Square on the graph represents one square in the mini c2c stitch
Start at box 1 with mini c2c working diagonally up to box 29, Do not Fasten off

Edging: Click here for For Edging Squares instructions 

Watch for square no 5 & 6 next week!! 


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