Friday, March 3, 2017

Calleigh's Clips Baby Blanket Mini C2C Graphgan - Square 6 - Mushrooms

Today's square is full of whimsy and fun! I couldn't decide if I wanted one mushroom or two, but ultimately decided on two. As always, feel free to choose other colors or leave off the spots for less color changes. This one was one of my harder ones to design just right. In the end I like it though. I hope you enjoy it too. 

Here is a link to the full materials list, other squares and 
project details! 

SQUARE #5 - Mushrooms

Hook : G-HOOK (4.00mm)

Each Square measures around 8x8 inches
Final project measures : Approx 28 x 28 inches

Gauge isn't essential! Whew! LOL! I know you wouldn't make a swatch anyways. haha! 

Colors needed :
 Ivory, Mid Green, Peacock, Ocean, Desert Glaze, & Hot Rose

*Each Square on the graph represents one square in the mini c2c stitch
Start at box 1 with mini c2c working diagonally up to box 29, Do not Fasten off


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