Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Slipper Snow Booties - Pattern Review

I love when I get to make something new and try out other patterns. I came across this designer that has some adorable designs for boys called One Paisley Pig 
She has lots of great sets so check them out.

I had received a few orders to make these darling 

 I picked up all the sizes newborn to Adult sizes because I needed the two size patterns so why not add in the larger size too! Plus it's cheaper if you bundle them together!
I might have to make me a pair to keep my toes warm when we visit Colorado for Christmas! 
They got lots of snow the past few days where my parents live. 

I have to say the pattern was written well. These worked up perfect to the measurements. There are a few picture helps to guide you through some steps. I love that there are stitch counts at the ends of the rows/rounds. Thats important to me on booties as I need to make sure I get two perfectly the same. I used to have bootie making phobia! I love to make them now. 
They're so cute and tiny! 

When I did have a few questions the designer got right back to me. I know that is something I work really hard at and it's important to me. The hardest part was finding the D-rings so I asked her if she had any suggestions. She orders off Ebay.  None of my normal hobby shops had them in store, but I thankfully not only found some on Amazon. I got a good deal, in bulk, and they shipped to me with in two days (no I'm not a prime member) I just made sure they were shipping from within the USA. I ended up getting 100 for 7.99 shipped this was the 1/2 inch size.  

Anywhoo! Here are the three pairs I've made so far! I look forward to making more! 

If your crochet check out the pattern in ravelry from One Paisley Pig
Don't crochet? I'm happy to make you a pair. Here is the listing to purchase in Etsy!


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