Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Orbital Poncho Crochet Pattern

It's been a while since I designed something new. I wanted to think outside my normal box and broaden my design skills. 

Poncho's seem really popular this year and so does fringe accents. I'd never made one but I wanted it to feel modern and trendy.  I came up with what I'm calling the Orbital Poncho. 
The name comes from the Orb shaped stitches used in the pattern. 

This poncho is a one size fits most and I think pretty easy to make longer if you wanted too. I love how quickly it works up, plus it doesn't use too much yarn! It's made in all one piece so there is no joining or sewing pieces together. 

This is wonderful for anytime of the year too! It's a perfect layering piece. 
It's also one of my new favorite items to wear!  

The poncho is open on the sides, so I like to wear it belted. You could also easily sew down the side seams for a more shirt/pullover type piece too! I hope you'll enjoy this new pattern! 
What color will you make it? I can't wait to see! 

Orbital Poncho modeled by Me - Elisabeth Spivey

Is on Sale in Ravelry Tues Nov 10- Thurs. Nov 12, 2015 (ending midnight central)
$2.99 (reg. $4.50) 
Use Coupon Code 

Add this to your Ravelry Favorites! 

This pattern comes with a video. It's not a full tutorial but 
it will explain the special stitches, tips and how to add the fringe! Speaking of Videos! Here is a V-Log I made so you can see this from all angles! 

I hope you love it! 


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