Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I've been working on!

Wow it's only been almost a month since my last blog post! I've been very busy! Working on orders a few side project and working on me! 

I'm down 22 pounds and I'm so excited about this journey! I've been working out almost everyday and food journaling. I've taken up running and I'm already on Week 6 of 8 on Couch to 5K! I've been pushing myself a little too hard though. My Cousin talked me into signing up for a 1/2 marathon. (crazy I know) So I've been adding in extra miles and training. I did 10 miles total last week and on Saturday I hurt my knee on my 5Miles run/walk! So I have to rest this week. It's been very hard to rest when I'm so motivated, but rest now and back to it when it's better! I'm not giving up! 

Okay back to crochet! In February I did a scarf swap hosted by the wonderful Danyel of CrazySocks Crochet! (Love her patterns) I got a lovely Scarf from none other than my crochet buddy Rachel of Silly Stitches that lives just a few miles away! She made me this lovely Moroccan Cowl in wonderful pastels with absolutely yummy yarn! The pattern is by Moogly! (I recently made one too!) It's perfect for spring especially since winter isn't giving up! You can find the free pattern on The Moogly Blog!

I made a Fun scarf for my swap from a pattern on Fiber Flux with one of my favorite yarns! Amazing yarn! I changed it up a little only because I had only one skien. I wished I'd got a better picture but I had to get in in the mail since I kinda waited till the last minute! (I almost forgot. oops!) I hope she loved it! The pattern is a free pattern called the Arugula Scarf. It's a simple ruffle scarf! Works up very fast! 

Since I've had to rest and I'm waiting on some yarn to come in I've had a little time to work on a few fun projects! I made on of my favorite ruffle scarf patterns using Red Heart Boutique Magical! The colors are fun and I just love this yarn and how it changes up on it's own. 

I just finished this other fun project. I've had this on my todo list forever!  The Artfully Simple Cowl by Moogly! I used Amazing yarn in Glacier Bay! The colors are gorgeous jewel tones! It can be worn long or wrapped twice. I would totally make this again! I'm in love with it!. Isn't it gorgeous! 

With having to rest more this week I do have a new design I need to finish. It's for St. Patricks Day so I'm kind slacking but I will try to have it up early next week! (fingers crossed) 


Posh Pooch Designs said...

I am so proud of you!

Micah said...

Way to go, Elizabeth! Keep up the good work!!

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