Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beaded Slouchy

Hi! Just poppin in to share a fun project I worked up and fill in on life. I've been quiet blogging and online the past few months. Still crocheting, but still focusing on family and my weight loss journey! So far I'm down 26 pounds! I'd hurt my IT Band from over doing my running (got a little to eager I guess). I would have been finished with my Couch 2 5K Training but after two long weeks I was able to start the program again. I only have 5 more run sessions and I'm done with that but I'm moving on to the 10K training! I'm loving running. Two months ago running for more than a minute was laughable but today I ran straight for 20 minutes and it feels great!

During my down time from my injury, I finished up this fun project for a beaded slouchy. The pattern is a free pattern from my mom's blog Which you can find here! I wanted to use material I had on hand. I found some black/white glass beads in my crafty stash that I thought might be interesting! I used a vintage white color of I Love This Yarn. So it's not a bright white. I really like the hat! I'm going to have to make another with other fun beads! The beads are a unique touch and I'm not sure if I like them or not but its a one of a kind! Even if you don't want to use beads its a great slouch pattern!

Have you ever crocheted with beads? It's fun but takes thinking ahead! I ended up short one bead and I know I counted LOL! 


Posh Pooch Designs said...

It turned out great. Are the glass beads heavy?

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