Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yarn Eater Throw and Life Update

Just a warning up front this will be a crochet post but sightly more personal post too! :) 

So far I've not gotten very far in my Yarn Eater Throw. I've been busy with crochet alongs, designing and of course orders that are starting to pickup! Excited for busy fall season! 

Here is a current image of the progress. 
You can find the pattern and more about it through my previous post.

I bought 21 skeins of the yarn and I'm half way through the 4th. I have the pattern memorized by now so I work on it when I have time. I've spent a lot of time in the car traveling this month and this has been what I call crochet therapy. 

My hubby's ME-ME passed away and then a few short days later my Granny passed away! (Not to leave out my hubby's other Grandmother that passed away in June) These were amazing beautiful women on the inside and the outside. It's never easy to loose a loved one especially so close together. I'm glad I was able to attend their funerals to celebrate their lives! 

Crochet is good for therapy and I've been working on this blanket in spurts through it all! It will be a wonderful reminder of their lives! I'm glad to say it's turned out to be a great project during this time. I will continue to think about them and pray for family as I finish this project in the coming months. 

I wanted to personally thank you for all the wonderful emails, messages and notes many of you have sent me through these difficult weeks. I don't know many of you but I know that many of you were thinking and praying for me and my family! 

I am a Christian and without my faith, family and friends, I don't know that I would come through these times stronger. I'm glad that I have a hope that I will see these dear people in Heaven some day! 

Here is a sweet tribute to my Granny. A strong and faithful women of God that never gave up and gave  her all to those around her. She was the type of person that everyone thought she was there best friend. She can always make you smile. We'll miss you Granny! 


Unknown said...

Condolences to you and your family for all of your losses. What a lovely tribute to your Granny - she looked like a very warm bubbly person who really enjoyed life and exuded lots of love.

Cat Talk By Cats Meow Crochet said...

So sorry about all your members of your family.. my sympathies..

Nancy said...

I just happened upon your website and I watched your video of your grandma and it touched my heart and what a wonderful tribute. My grandma past about 5 years ago and I loved her so very much and still do but I will see her in heaven one day. Thank you for sharing your video. God Bless You and your family

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