Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bringing my Logo to Life: Shellby the Turtle Lovey

A while back I was looking at my logo thinking how cute it is and what a great job my web designer did when I told her what I had in mind. I thought it would be fun to make a line of patterns based of my logo for a few reasons. It's got some darling little creatures and shapes (trees, mushrooms, & flowers) in there that would be fun special items.  Also a great opportunity to work on something unique that would mean a lot to me and be exclusive from my shop!

I was naturally drawn to the turtle. Each of my animals in my logo have meaning to me. The turtle represents my turtle cuddle cape  as my all time best seller, so I thought it was a good place to start. I've been working on and off of this for the past 3 months. I got a little side tracked with crazy distructive weather, moving, and several deaths in the family so it's taken longer to do than planned but today I'm so very excited to release a new crochet pattern. The 1st in a line of more to come!

Shellby the Turtle Lovey

Do you think she looks like the turtle in my logo? 

I'm never good with naming my creations but this one was fun! I asked my testers for ideas and my friend Jennifer suggested I name her after my hubby. I didn't know if he'd like that but oh well! His name is Shelby and we just added an extra L because "SHELL"BY is just perfect for the turtle. 
I did tell my hubby and since he thought the turtle was super cute he didn't mind! 

You are going to looove this pattern! You can make the Turtle Stuffy or a small blanket but why not combine two childhood favorites into one and make a special lovey. 
My kids stole my lovies and I'll have to make more! These make a great gifts. 

You can find this pattern in Raverly
It's on Sale for $3.50 Jul 17-19th
(No coupon needed, discount applies at checkout!)

Come check out all the adorable tester pics on facebook! I love them all!
Thank you testers for all your help so that we can provide a wonderful pattern! 

hmmm I think we might just have to have a Crochet Along with this little guy! What do you think? 


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