Friday, January 13, 2012

Holy Social Networking Batman!

This has been an amazingly crazy week! I'm obsessed with checking my google analytics for my shops and blogs. I love to see where people are coming from and it's a good way to see what people are blogging or talking about in my shop!

I recently have noticed that my views in etsy had significantly rose from some very interesting sources that have talked about my shop and our products!

Usually my top sources come from Facebook, my Blog and Pinterest!

I thought I'd share a few! Some are really good! Some are unique and Some just really annoy me!

1. DailyMail - UK Based Online Newspaper - Featured my Batman and Robin Cape Sets
2. Buzz Feed- Featured my Batman and Robin Cape Sets
3.The Mary Sue - The Guid to Girl Geek Culture - Batman and Robin Cape Sets
4. Slash Film Blogging the Reel World -  Featuring Batman Cape Sets
5. Poorly Dressed - Featuring the Turtle cape (while the name is deceiving it wasn't a mean article)

That's just to name a few that I had high volume hits from! Social networking is amazing!

Here are my thoughts on it! I really love the free advertisement but I guess if I was going to share someones work or ideas I would credit them. I think that people don't realize there are copywrites on most of the images I use. (while some of these do give me credit in name I don't understand why no links)

If your going to share someones work. Here are a few things I think are very important:

1. Ask them if it's okay! - Send them an email, ask a few questions, get the facts straight before you publish and article!
2. Make sure you have permission to use images. Most the time if it's for advertising me I would say of course as long as I and the photographer get credit.

     a. it's never okay to remove watermarks!
     b. it's never okay to alter the image in any way!
     c. Its never okay just to use someones else's photos - Don't copy, save or use! - You must get permission from the photographer, I and  maybe even the parent! Believe it or not some parents don't want there babies image plastered all over the internet. (while they probably task the risk and is why photographers should have parents sign a release to the photographer do they know how it could be used)

3. Let them know when your going to publish the article or blog!
I would like to know because -

 a. I got tons a hits over the course of two days. This resulted in awesome sales( way above normal). Not that that will happen every time but since one was a popular newspaper article in the UK things got totally crazy with my pattern listings. I would have made sure there were extra causing less hassle for the customer and for me. Also it being international I got a tons of sale over night so again knowing when it was I could have better prepared.
b.  It would have prevented lots of convos and emails about how to find the items that were shared.
(my guess is that they googled and found me that way since many didn't link to any of my websites. So people didn't now where they could buy my patterns or items!

So I hope the people that published these aren't offended but I think that some of you could use a little internet etiquette!

*side note back to Pinterest! While I to am obsessed with it! Please Please Please don't save image and upload them without actually linking to the source. (my turtle image is everywhere I can usually get on Pinterest and it will pop up on the front page often) I wish I had time to go through and paste my links all over it but that would be a little tasking and I don't have time for that.

*I will do my best to protect my photos but I think I could seriously hire someone to find all the images used with out credit and fix the issue. I just don't have time to be the copywrite police!
 I found one person using it as there profile picture on a forum because they just thought it was cute. While I can understand it being cute that isn't your picture to use! (they kindly agreed to take it down) {thanks}

This also reminded me that one of my goals for the next month is to re-watermark all my images. I've not done them all but I'm going to do it so that even my professional images that are already watermarked have my website one them in a way that to me will probably distract from the image but make it hard for someone to remove it and then if it does get taken then at least my web address will be there so people can source it back to me! Hopefully that will also prevent other sellers from using them. Just a reminder to the craft world show your own work! You can easily find a photographer to work with! I've had the privilege to work with some awesome ones and if you can't save for a great camera and work with natural light! I started from scratch too!

A lot of people ask me how I find my photographers and how did you grow so fast and how do you get so many orders. The bottom line is hard hard work! It's taken me two years to get here and I have a lot of people to thank for helping me along the way but the truth is it's really is hard work! I love what I do and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm always happy to help! I hope you find this article helpful and maybe the next time you blog or share a resource don't for get to give credit where credit is due!!

So the long and short of it! If your going to share or blog about someone, get permission, get the fact straight and give credit where credit is due!



Amy Sun said...

Amen! Thanks for saying what needed to be said! (Love your patterns, by the way.)

Annie Mitchell said...

I love pinterest for the ideas, but it does drive my crazy when I can't find where it came from as buyer or whatever. When I pin something I always put the site I got it from. To give the person credit and to send people there if they want it. I think it is only fair to give credit where credit is due. I always. Say do into others as you would have them do unto you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that you've said, but I have to say, you're violating copyright with your batman and robin capes as well as the caterpillar :(

Elisabeth Spivey said...

anonymous - That I cannot argue with! You are absolutely right! That is why I try not to do copy write characters!

Mamma That Makes said...

Pretty sure the character capes would come under the Fair Use act, your recreating, which I guess is technically a form of fanart. Its not like its a googled image or something.

Sucks that people do this, another thing I see alot is people who are selling items with no linkback to the pattern designer. Its just polite, I always add a link "Pattern from LINK HERE" Sure, someone might decide that they can do it themselves rather then purchase from me but whatever, credit where credit is due.

Recently, I shared a free tutorial on a tophat, theres now 3 for sale on etsy that are exactly the same as mine. Politeness doesn't extend far, people want to make a quick buck more then they want to uphold morals.

Crafting Friends Designs said...

I pinned your ladybug cape on pinterest from your etsy shop. I gues I should have asked first. It is one patern that I am hoping to purchase and make for my sister. I just checked to make sure you get credit. It just said etsy on the source and links them to your shop. I edited it to show your site in the, I appologize

Sheena@WillowBlue said...

I love your patterns and hope to purchase some soon. That being said, I saw your turtle on Pinterest MONTHS ago and wanted the pattern. I only discovered the source (you) just a few weeks ago because I think it was The Fancy Hooker that shared something on Facebook so I clicked and looked at you and was pleasantly surprised to find the pattern. This was after wasting money on a turtle pattern that was not as cute!

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