Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Featuring: Sweet Crochet Creations

I'd like to introduce you to one of our newest sponsors Carrie Bennett of 

I've asked her a few interview questions so we can learn a little bit out her and her shop:

 Were are you From?
Monterey, CA (but am now in the San Francisco Bay Area) 

 How long have you crocheted? 
I think I learned when I was really young - maybe 8?  I remember crocheting a sweater for my Cabbage Patch doll!  But I recently picked it back up when my husband started doing photography professionally.  It's kind of like riding a bike, but I had to figure out how to read patterns and learn a few new stitches.  There are some great resources online.

What is your favorite stitch? 
Probably a half double crochet.  Or maybe any decreasing stitch...since that usually means I'm almost done!  lol 

What do you specialize in ? 
Crochet hats for all sizes 

How did you get started in your business? 

My little shop started because I was making hats and props for my husband's photography business (  Clients started asking about purchasing the hats, so I happily obliged.  :)  I just added some items to my etsy shop and I'm hoping to get a little busier this year.  My mom actually helps a lot too.

 Do you have an item you've made that is super special and why?

Recently, an old friend asked if I could create two police caps for unborn twins, due any day.  They lost their father to prostate cancer while their mother was pregnant and he was a beloved police officer.  I was on a mission to find a pattern.  I found one, tweaked the pattern a little, and made the hats.  I added their father's badge number as well as a baby blue ribbon, which signifies prostate cancer.  The girl's hat has a little flower as well.  I'm looking forward to seeing the babies with their hats (any day now), and I hope they cherish them.  

On a more personal note: 

 If you could have a super power what would it be ? 
FREEZE TIME - all I ever want is more time!  To crochet, to sleep... 

 Favorite vacation spot or travel destination? 
My favorite vacations have been in Mexico.  My honeymoon in 2005 was in the Riviera Maya and I've been to Cancun twice in the past few years. 

What did you want to grow up to be as a child? 
Either a teacher or a pediatrician because I wanted to work with kids. I ended up a high school guidance counselor, so I'm still working with kids - just the big kids.  It's a rewarding job and you can't beat the school year's schedule! 

Thanks so much Carrie for sharing your shop and a little about you! 

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