Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shiny and Fringe

Here is my random fun post for the week. On a whim we took the kiddos to PetSmart- officially known to us as the free zoo! Ayden and Calleigh love to look at the fishes. We can't have any four legged friend in our rent house so we got fish. Meet our two newest additions! Unofficially known as Shiny and Fringe.

We've had beta's before the kids but I think they're at a fun age to enjoy them. Ayden just keeps saying "fishy, fishy, fishy...." 
I think betas are beautiful and there so easy to take care of. I'm going to get a peace lily to put in them. It helps keep the water clean and adds a little greenery to the house. If you'd like to get one here are instructions on a Beta Fish Vase. Enjoy! 


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