Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Prop Photos

I recently started to venture outside of crocheting just hats and headbands and discovered the world of crochet props for newborn photo sessions. I just love it! A friend of mine special ordered a Hammock that can be used several different ways and a Hat/Cocoon combo. I just had to share a few pics that they are allowing me to use! Which I'm very grateful for! Meet precious little Zuri! 

I would like to do a few mentions! Thank you to The Pattern shoppe for the Hammock pattern. It can be used several different ways. As the next picture shows. 
* Please noteYou may WITH GREAT CAUTION use the ends to tie an object that will sustain the baby’s weight, but never suspend the baby at a height that could cause injury, as this will not be a secure knot. Obviously, it is always best to work with a spotter, someone to help with positioning and keeping the baby safe.

Thanks to Speckled Frog Crochet for the cocoon pattern. The hat was my own design inspired from a photo the family showed me! 
If you or know any photographers interested in props for their Newborn or even children's sessions please send them my way. I aim to please and still keep it affordable. 

The photos were done by the family personally so there isn't a copy write but I please ask you respect this families photos and not copy or download these images. Thank you and Thanks to the family for allowing me to use them. 

I'll soon be working with RM Photogaphy for some more fabulous pictures but she needs some precious new babies to photograph. If you're interested please check out her work! She does a fabulous job! How do I know? She's done pictures of my family and they are my favorites we ever had taken! It was such a fun photo session. 


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Great hammock and photo!

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