Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Sale

HI have you missed me! Whoah! I've had quiet the busy last couple of months. Since moving to our new home, having the kids home for the summer and hubby completing and graduating police academy we are just now getting settled back into a regular routine. The kids will be back to school in just about a month. Where has summer even gone. I'm not ready for back to school shopping at all but I would gladly welcome the fall weather!

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging, designing, and more video chats! I've been doing some other online work to help out with finances and it's well kinda taken up most my crochet time. I've found some great recourses for legitimate online work and I hope to share that post soon. 
Some are great ways to help you pay for your yarn and pattern additions lol! 

It's time for a quick little summer sale! I thought I'd try something different this time. I hope you enjoy the extra savings! 

You can get 80% off your purchase of $25.00 or more in my Raverly shop
It's almost like a buy 1 get 3-4 free. It depends on what patterns you choose. 
If they are 5.95 you'll get 4 free but I do have some that are 4.50 
so it will vary on how many you need to pick out.  

*****Just click the image below to head on over to my shop! *****

*From July 13-14, 2016 until midnight central time 

This is a great time to be thinking about getting holiday patterns! Christmas will be here all too soon! 
Enjoy the sale! Happy shopping! 
If you can't buy anything right now be sure to check my free patterns too! 


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