Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Son's Favorite Things Crochet Pattern Round Up

A very big Happy Birthday to my son! He's a big ol' 8 years old today! I haven't quite processed this yet! They sure grow up fast don't they! His Favorite things are Legos, Star Wars, Superheros and his new Dog Maggie-Rey! He was begging me to make him a BB 8 hat! So I free handed one for him. He just loves it! Even Maggie-Rey is celebrating in her party hat! lol! It was going to be an elf headpiece pattern for dogs I just didn't make time to write it out over the holidays as planned! I'm sure it will get written eventually!  

Anyhoo! I'm sure you're here for crochet patterns right! I thought I would just round up patterns from my blog, popular birthday round ups and a few random rounds ups of my sons favorite things I found online! Enjoy! 

Patterns by me! 

Round ups! 


Posh Pooch Designs said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Grandson!

Ne_scrub said...
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Ne_scrub said...

Do you have the pattern for the BB 8 hat? Hmmm...I'm thinking a tic tac toe game and several other ideas. :)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

No I just fre handed it. There are some free ones out there already just google and they'll pop right up.

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