Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern : Aubreigh Scarf

I'm totally obsessed with Berry Colors right now! Pinks, purples and reds are just calling my name. After I designed the Aubreigh Hatwanted to make a unique scarf to go with it! I came across this gorgeous variegated yarn at Hobby Lobby and had to make something with it. 

It's a simple design with a unique stitch to give it a fun texture. 
I love that it used only one skein too! Normally I'm not a fan of Variegated but 
just love the way this one worked up! 

How you enjoy making the scarf! It's so soft and squishy! 

Be Sure to add this to your Raverly Favorites! 

The Aubreigh Scarf

1 Skein : Hobby Lobby’s- I Love This Yarn - Colorway-Secrets - Worsted Weight

Terms and Stitches:
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
YO - yarn over
st - stitch

Tapestry Needle

Measurements: 4 inches wide by 62 inches long

Row 1: ch 201, hdc in 2nd ch from the hook and each chain across, take care not to twist the chain as your working across, ch 1, turn (200)

Row 2: See Video at end of pattern for help with this row. 
sc in 1st st, *pull up a loop in same st as last st made and in next 2 sts, YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook, ch 1 (NOTE: work ch 1’s loosely through out the pattern as you’ll be working into it on the next round), repeat from * around, sc in last st, ch 1, turn

Row 3-4: Repeat Row 2

Row 5: hdc in each st and ch across, ch 1, turn (200)

Row 6-8: Repeat Row 2

Row 9: hdc in each st and ch across, ch1, turn (200)

Row 10-12: Repeat Row 2

Row 13: hdc in each st and ch across (200)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Video to help with Row 2

Be sure to check out the Aubreigh Hat too! 


Diane said...

GORGEOUS colorway. Love it. Time to make something for myself! It's on my to do list. Thank you for the pattern.

MaschelleMEcfs said...

I'm looking for the video you mentioned in the "help with row 2" video that shows us how to work this stitch in the round and I just cant find it. I'm making an Infinity Scarf, and want to use this stitch. Do I turn after each row, or keep working on the right side? Sure is a pretty scarf! Thank you.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

The video provided at the end of the post is the only video I made showing the basic stitch. If you follow the pattern as is, yes you'll need to turn at the end of each row. If you want to make an infinity scarf you could join the ends an keep working in the round like on the hat.

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