Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yarn Substitutions Made Easy

I get lots of questions to my inbox  everyday, but one that I see often is can I substitute a different yarn for that project. Some times I have an answer and sometimes I just don't. I would love to say I'm familiar with every type of yarn but unfortunately I'm not. 

When you substitute a different yarn than a project calls for you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. What weight is the yarn? What texture is the yarn? What type of fiber is the yarn 
Is your gauge the same? Do you even know how to check gauge? LOL 
I know we hate to but its a necessary evil. 

So generally when someone asks me about substituting a yarn, I tell them first to make a swatch and check the gauge. Sometimes it will depend on what you are making too. Some yarns drape or hang better than others. You may even need to block your swatches to see if the yarn will work. 

So do you need help with learning how to substitute yarn?

 I came across a new class on Craftsy called Yarn Substitution Made Easy by Kellie Nuss that just might help although I saw that it's geared toward knitters. If your itching to try something other than crochet like I do once in a while. This may be a great class as beginner with an intro to knitting.  I bet you could learn some new skills to apply to yarn substitution for crochet projects as well. 

Click the image to visit the class info

The Class is currently on sale for $19.99 (reg 29.99)

You get 7 HD videos to watch anytime, anywhere
Class materials including a Cowl pattern
Detailed instrutions
Plus one of my favorites: You can ask the instructor questions right in the virtual classroom. 

I've taken a few craftsy classes and I've really enjoyed them very much! 

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