Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Santa Beard Free Crochet Pattern

I got a fun Christmas package for the kids a few days ago! My mom made my little man and adorable Santa Hat, Beard and Santa Shirt. He's been wearing his little costume out Christmas shopping! People just loved it!  Made for some fun and Holiday Cheer everywhere we went! 

I asked my mom about the patterns and silly me she used my"Fear the Beard" pattern that I wrote last year. You can use the same pattern as before just with simple yarn changes to make a Santa Beard! 

Follow the "Fear the Beard" pattern using one strand each of White, worsted weight yarn and a novelty yarn like Fun fur or Boa. You'll crochet with both at the same time. 

If you like the hat here is the link to the one she was inspired by. 
She adjusted the size and the brim though so you'd have to work that out on your own. 

This makes a fun last minute Holiday gift your kids will enjoy! 


Lee Ann said...

He is so cute in his Santa hat and beard! I would never have thought to use a strand of worsted yarn and a strand of fun fir held together, but I want to try it! It looks great on him and thank you very much!!! Merry Christmas! :)
Lee Ann

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