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Peppermint Pom Pom Headband (free pattern)

Peppermint Pom Pom Headband 
Crochet Pattern

Be Sure to add to your 

Skill Level: Easy

Materials : Worsted Weight Yarn (I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby) 
For my colors I used Red and White Sparkle 

K hook - 6.5 MM 

Taspetry Needle, Measuring Tape  

Optional Pom Pom Maker -  I use Clover Brand  2 1/2 inch
( If you don't have one you can use this method for making a pom pom I found on Pinterest with a fork !)

Gauge - not required

Size - Newborn to Women {just follow the average size chart below} 

General sizing: When measuring, measure how you would normally wear a headband not like you would  a hat or cap. It tends to be a little larger than a hat measurement but not by too much. 

Newborn -- 13" 
0-3 months -- 14-15" 
3-6 months -- 15-17" 
6-12 months -- 16-19" 
Toddler (1-3 yrs) -- 18-20" 
Child (4-10 yrs) -- 19-22" 
Adult -- 21-24"

*(I make it about a inch smaller so it will stretch for a better fit and not be to big) 
*(My Daughter is 2 years old with a head measurement of 18 inches and I chained 45 )

Round 1 - working with one strand of white and one strand of red, chain to desired length for the head measurement. Be careful not to twist the chain, Join to first ch with a sl st to make a circle. ch1 

Round 2 - sc in each chain around, Join with sl st to first sc, fasten off leaving about 4-6 inches on the tail to use for sewing seam secure. Keep the seam on the outer side top of the headband. We'll hide that with a pom pom and then it won't leave the seam against the head. 

Pom Poms  

I made three pom poms one red, one white and one with both. Leave the tails of the pom poms longer when your tying them so you can easily attach them to the headband. I spaced them just a few stitches apart. To attach use the tails and weave through the headband to the wrong side, tie them on the underside, then take the tapestry needle and weave it back up through the center of the pom pom. Then just trim the ends even with the pom pom  ( really easy way to hide the ends with out weaving ends in the headband itself )

Other ideas - 

It would be super cute to make the pom poms different sizes or group them close together in a triangle pattern. Or just make one big pom pom. So many other color possibilities! 

My daughter loved her headband. She ran off with it and didn't want to take it off!
Finished Headband

I wanted to show you this last picture for the Pom pom necklace :) 

It was actually my first attempt at the headband. I did a dc chain-less foundation headband but my son stretched it out....LOL! I was trying to make a bigger pom pom for a "snowflake" themed pom pom headband! So it became a fun necklace which she also wore the rest of the evening!  

I hope you enjoy this super easy headband! As always if you have question feel free to email me using the contact tab. I love to see your finished projects feel free to share or link them up in the comments below!


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Rapunzel said...

I have to say thank you so much I tried a few different headband's and yours was the best and easest to follow I'm not a beginner I have been crocheting for years but I'm a visual person I do better when I can watch so some do it but your pattern was easy to follow again Thank you my 9 year old loved it.

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