Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who's faster than a speeding bullet?

We'll seems like I am when it come to crocheting up new ideas lately! LOL ! Actually I'm referring to none other than Superman. I took a poll last night on my page for new ideas for my Cuddle Critter Cape Newborn Props. I suggested Fruits (strawberries, watermelons, apples, berries), flowers, and Superheros. Superheroes won that vote so I'm really glad I'd already started one and it motivated me to finished it up and write up the pattern late last night.

I had to do Superman first. ( I always refer to my hubs as my superman and my boy is little man) Are you ready to see a super cute picture?

Superman Cuddle Critter Cape
Newborn Photography prop

I'm totally loving this set! The cape features details as in a belt with loops and an emblem with the letter "S" I think it would be super cute it use a baby's initial if you're making it for someone special. For photographers I think you could use the "S" or leave it blank. 
I couldn't decide what color to do the hat. I decided with blue and some simple accent stripes in contrasting colors but you could certainly get just a blue or red hat. 
This pattern is in testing and should be available in the coming week. 

All in all I just think it's super cute and I can't wait to make more superhero capes but I'm having trouble thinking of other heros? What would be some other fun heros? Please share you suggestions! 


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