Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Review : Ice Box Crochet

A big thank you to Leisure Arts for sending me a sample copy to review for you. This post does contain affiliate links which I may be compensated for when you make a purchase, 
however the review is my honest, un-biased opinion. 

Ice Box Crochet

Oh my goodness! I can't even contain the cuteness in Ice Box Crochet. I love "Ami" crochet and this book has over 45 food items and so much more. If you have a little girls or boys like me who loves to play with dolls or make believe and needs play food. This is the book for you! I've already made 4 items out of the book and my kids are begging for the mini refrigerator and more.  I plan to surprise them with more goodies for Christmas. 

Ice Box Crochet patterns were designed by Wai Yee Ng. 
The book is broken down into 9 sections
1. Bread and Condiments
2. Dairy
3. Drinks
4. Fruit
5. Meals
6. Meats
7. Sweets
8. Vegetables
9. Dishes

The book over all is colorful and fun. My kids just enjoyed looking through it and planning meals for mom to make! 

They want to learn more how to crochet soon! My son can chain and single crochet rows and he was ready to jump into the book and make food. I bet with a little practice these could be fun beginner projects. 

I didn't want to just skim through the book and tell you what I thought. I wanted to make a little something! With Thanksgiving coming up I thought what better than to start with a turkey! I love the simple shaping and little details the patterns have. Not to much details making it difficult but just enough to make it adorable and look almost like the real thing. 

Next, I picked out a carrot and corn cob. Of course they needed a tray to go on! 
(all patterns from the book) 

Now the Dolls are ready for Thanksgiving. Although I think they need at a dessert. 

The patterns are written very clearly and when I did have questions (which were very minor) they were answered in the back of the book with diagrams, pictures and general instructions.

Ice Box Crochet is amazing if you have a lot of scrap yarn around. The book includes a discussion of what types of yarn to use and what to expect for sizing. I did all my samples in worsted weight yarn, but you can use yarn as small as lace weight up to a chunky yarn with hook of choice for the size you want. Make a tiny donut or a gigantic starfruit! The possibilities are endless.

I enjoyed also that some of the chosen food items aren't maybe what you would expect. The fruits, vegetables and desserts are unique for a very wide variety of choices. There is even sushi!  I can't wait to make more items from these patterns very soon. I know you will love it too! 

You can get the physical book mailed to you from Leisure Arts
or if your like me and need your patterns right now! 
I saw today (11/14/2016) you can purchase an instant download e-copy for $8.99
That is an amazing deal for everything you get! So grab it up while you can. 
I have no idea how long it will be on sale. 

Ice Box Crochet - $19.99

from: Leisure Arts, Inc.

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