Thursday, August 14, 2014

Balloon Bunting : Free Crochet Pattern

Well today is my Birthday! I'm now 32 years young! I usually do a birthday pattern and I had lots of ideas planned out for the party but they are works in progress. I do have one fun, simple new pattern for ya! 

Balloon Bunting

I had already have a free Balloon Applique' pattern (click here.

Just need to add some string! 

Step 1: Make as many balloons as you'd like. I use six but generally I like to use odd numbers. 

Step 2: Using Worsted Weight yarn of choice and your H- Hook. 

Row 1: Ch 30, *sl st in the back loop, in the top center of the balloon. (between the 12 HDC's on Round 4), ch 30.  Repeat from * until you have attached all your balloons. You will end on a ch 30. Fasten off, pull ends tight and trim as desired. 

Step 3: Decorate with it, have fun & Enjoy! 

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  1. Happy birthday! Such a cute pattern to celebrate with :)


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